The Economist

In 2014, the world’s most respected legacy journalism brand launched an initiative to expand into immersive content. They hired Jongsma + O’Neill to explore all of their options—from interactive documentary to serious gaming, from virtual reality to experiential installations—and advise on possible risks and opportunities.

What began as a small assignment led to a multi-year collaboration between The Economist and Jongsma + O’Neill, culminating in Kel O’Neill being named The Economist Media Lab’s first Senior Fellow. In addition to crafting the strategy that has defined The Economist’s AR and VR work, Kel served as the Advisor and Creative Lead for the magazine’s first VR projects—RecoVR Mosul and Oceans VR: Net Positive—which collectively netted over a million views and tens of thousands of direct engagements, as well as Lovie, Drum and BIMA Awards.

HP Education

HP Education’s Reinvent Learning campaign brings together some of the top minds in education to discuss the positive impacts that emerging technologies can have on K-12 students. Jongsma & O’Neill’s Kel O’Neill serves as the facilitator and on-screen host for the campaign's accompanying branded content series.


IKONA is a medical technology startup that uses virtual and augmented reality to improve the patient experience. Drawing on knowledge gained working on Jongsma & O’Neill’s cutting-edge projects, Kel O’Neill built and staffed IKONA’s stereoscopic 360° production pipeline, and oversees the creation of patient-focused augmented reality apps like Pill Planner, a mobile AR platform that teaches new patients how to safely manage their prescriptions.

Film Independent


Los Angeles-based non-profit Film Independent initially hired Kel O’Neill as its first immersive storytelling instructor in 2015. The next year, the organization brought him on as an independent consultant tasked with guiding the organization’s emerging technology strategy, and curating the two-day Agents of Change event at the annual Film Independent Forum. He later served as the immersive media mentor for the State Department-funded Global Media Makers program, which brings filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa to Los Angeles for a month-long residency.



Eline Jongsma and Kel O’Neill covered fringe communities in the US for the revolutionary journalism platform The Correspondent, delivering documentaries and multimedia reporting on everything from zombie-themed children’s camps to Christian firearms training programs.



Writing in Vice, Jongsma + O’Neill covered a gold rush in Suriname, interviewed pioneering VR artists, and jumped into a 2-day hackathon.


Jongsma + O’Neill directed this short documentary about the Mumbai-based animal charity Animals Matter to Me as part of Virtual Identity’s award-winning Siemens/answers campaign.


Jongsma + O’Neill got their start directing more than 30 documentaries for Metropolis, a Prix Europa-nominated program on the Dutch public network VPRO. In addition, they contributed to the award-winning current affairs program Tegenlicht.