You are a child strapped into a car seat in the back of a family wagon. Passing by outside your window is a vast desert landscape hugged by clouds. In the clouds are colossal visions: a cartoon rabbit; a snake appearing, then disappearing, into mist. Meanwhile, in the front seat, your parents are engaged in a terrible argument.  As their fight escalates, the visions outside your window become darker and more frightening—and the line between fantasy and reality disappears.

Car Seat is a family experiment. Directed and performed by Kel O’Neill and Eline Jongsma, the experience uses installation, haptics and 6DoF virtual reality to place audiences into the perspective of a child caught in the crossfire of parental conflict. This is an act of total commitment in filmmaking that blends truth with technology to capture an intimate snapshot of Jongsma & O’Neill’s relationship with their children, each other, and the challenges of parenthood. Currently in production, Car Seat was developed at the 2018 Sundance New Frontier Artist-in-Residence program.


Minimum Viable Product is a series of short documentaries about the work of creative technologists that ran from 2013-2016 on the award-winning Dutch news platform The Correspondent. Covering bio-hackers, security experts and VR pioneers, MVP shedd light on the personalities behind the programmers, and puts a human face on today’s most cutting-edge technologies.


Are you sick of the apocalypse? Bored by the threat of societal collapse? Do you glaze over at the mention of the Rapture, and flee the multiplex when the aliens/terrorists/monsters reduce New York to dust?

EXIT: A Mobile Guide to the Post Apocalypse is a smartphone-based storytelling prototype that offers an escape from the doomsday thinking that is ruining our collective imaginations. Composed of a suite of interconnected nonfiction stories told through photography, writing, and video, EXIT dares users to entertain a shocking possibility: that mankind may survive (and even thrive) beyond the challenges that await us in the future. A co-production of POV Digital and Jongsma & O'Neill, EXIT was an Official Selection: SXSW Future of Entertainment 2016



Spike is an augmented reality app that puts the power and resources of a Hollywood crew into the hands of DIY filmmakers.

Made exclusively for the Microsoft HoloLens, Spike allows independent directors working on location to lay out camera positions, choose lenses, and pre-visualize scenes—without bringing on a single extra crew member. Spike was created during the 2016 Fox Innovation Lab/Microsoft Hackathon.